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Jumbo Big Large Commercial Huge Pressure Cookers

Jumbo aluminum pressure cookers from 11 to 160 liters

Our large jumbo pressure cookers are a product of continuous research and quality workmanship since 1970. Huge Jumbo commercial Pressure Cooker comes with 21 years of manufacturing experience. It is manufactured from special aluminum alloy sheet, which is light in weight but strong to withstand pressure beyond Globs. Its easy to operate, with firm grip handles & smooth moving lead. 5 safety programs makes it a unbeatable Jumbo Cooker on every count. All our big cookers are 'CE' certified meeting international standards for safety & quality.

Our cookers are useful at restaurants, hotels, temples, army, hostels and at many other places where food is cooked in bulk. We supply 160 liter jumbo aluminum cooker which is world's largest pressure cooker.

Our huge jumbo cookers' sizes range from 11 to 160 liters. The specifications of each size can be found on the table shown at the end of this page.

Jumbo Cooker comes with Jumbo Advantages 
• Cook Faster, Saves 50 % in fuel
• Cook 2 to 3 items at a time. 
• It retains all the natural goodness and Vitamins eatable. 
• Cooker being air tight, Foods free from Dust, Germs etc. 
• Special material Gasket for long life time use. 

• CE certification obtained
• Scientific spring Loaded Valve. (Indicator) 
• Gasket release System. 
• Confirms ISI standards. 
• Can be used on any type of fuel. 
• Special designed containers for various applications 
• Special designed Pressure Pan with big Cooker.
• Reduce 10 % consumption in actual quantity in dal

Package Includes
• Pressure Guage
• Whistle
• Safety Plug
• Gasket Release System
• Spring Valve 

Available Sizes
160 Liters         • 30 Liters
• 108 Liters         • 26 Liters
• 83 Liters           • 23 Liters
• 75 Liters           • 20 Liters
• 60 Liters           • 16.5 Liters 
• 40 Liters           • 13.5 Liters
• 35 Liters           • 11 Liters

Specifications of the jumbo cookers


World's largest 160 liter jumbo aluminum pressure cooker
World's largest 160 liter jumbo aluminum pressure cooker - Hard Anodized

We offer World's largest jumbo aluminum pressure cookers with capacity of 160 liters. The same cooker is available in Hard Anodized variant also. Highly energy efficient these cookers are 'CE' certified meeting international standards for safety and quality.

We ship our products Worldwide to all countries via both Airmail and Sea-mode transport.